Dreadlocks on your own hair:
The method that I use works like this – I start by tying a synthetic fiber thread close to the scalp and then the dread builds up by me backcombing and crocheting the hair together with the help of a unique crocheting technique to the desired shape that you want.This technique works on all types of hair. It takes between 5-12 hours, it depends how long hair do you have. The minimal length hair what I need for making dreadlocks is 10 centimeters.

Dreadlocks with extension:
Do you want to have long dreadlocks but you don t have long hair? No problem, with human or synthetic hair, I will mix different shades of color that will match your own hair color perfectly.This will get you to have a long and flowy hair of dreadlocks that will look so real that no one will know that it’s not just your own hair.

Dreadlocks maintenance:
If you have various problems while you have dreadlocks or it is too hard for you to keep your dreadlocks nice I will help you.

Dreadlocks extenders:
If you are not satisfied with how long your dreadlocks are, come to me and extend your dreads!

Synthetic dreadlocks:
If you want to have dreadlocks but you are not sure, there is a solution! Try synthetic dreads!

Braids, Box braids, Open braids:
Also I am offering you to make braids in any styles. Full head of box braids takes around 6 hours. For more information please contact me.

If you want your dream hair, don’t hesitate and book our appointment today!